AWOTS Apartment for Apartment Service Order Management

Advanced work order tracking system is the right application to help service providers organized your team in a certain work order more easily, despite of any field you are in: web developer, freelancer, graphic designer, agency, construction, reparation, etc.

A Client that have purchased AWOTS from florida USA, have requested to customize AWOTS to be more suitable with their need in managing service order in an Apartement.

​Awots apartment has multiple roles on each client login. an Administrator can create and then assign a specific role with each client. each client then can only have access to a function based on a role that has been assigned to him. 

There are two admins in awots apartment, first is normal administrator with limited priviledge and can only deal with the clients and also super administrator that is the owner that can have access to all feature of awots apartment such as report and log history.

Administrator can add service categories and services (i.e Category: Painting; Services: 1 room, 2 room, 3 room, touch up, etc). this make awost apartment very flexible for all kind of service to be implemented in. Because admin can add new service easily without entering a single line of code. 

each service categories then can be assigned to specific normal admins (i.e. Painting assigned to Normal Admin 1, etc). with this, any notification that has something to do with service categories will be sended to assigned normal admin respectedly for each service categories

Administrator can see all submitted order on the report modul. each service order history can be printed if needed by administrator.

On the client side of script, client can submit a request for a service by filling an order request form that a has a date calendar for client to pick up a date for the service date. the submitted service then will be emailed again to the appropriate normal admin that has the assigned service category.

Awots apartment also improves the calendar function. calendar now has 3 view: day, week, month. Calendar can also be exported to ical format in order to be sync with offline calendar program that support importing ical format. an administrator can also update the date of a service date via drag and drop of an item displayed on the calendar view.

On the invoice and payment module, there are several improvent that is: administrator can manually generate invoice for a client, payment can now be processed via paypal, and then all service order and payment can be exported to quicbook via ics format.

The Awots apartment can manage the need of Apartment business and other service based business such as web developer, freelancer, graphic designer, agency, construction, reparation, etc.,  with the booking process, management process,  and payment process

The Project was done on 30 June 2016.

You can view our AWOTS Product on envato codecanyon by clicking this link here

Tools We've Used

Php Storm

Angular JS

Digital Ocean

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