AWOTS For Order Tracking Management

Advanced work order tracking system is the right application to help service providers organized your team in a certain work order more easily, despite of any field you are in: web developer, freelancer, graphic designer, agency, construction, reparation, etc.

A Client that have purchased AWOTS from Mexico, have requested to customize AWOTS to suit their need for Order Tracking Management. 

This Implementation on Order Tracking Management  Allow admins to export reports to excel by date range, client, order type. this ease up the administrator before print or exporting data.

On client side, This Customized Awots Allow clients to vote satisfaction after order finished/complete (Excellent, Good, Regular, Bad) . and add results graphs to reports.

This Implementation also Customize the view of client side AWOTS to suit the need of client. here are the view of the client that has been customized.

You can view our AWOTS Product on envato codecanyon by clicking this link here

Tools We've Used

Php Storm


Digital Ocean

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