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HOOQ is a film on demand provider, a joint venture between Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros Entertainment, and Singtel. In order to expand the business, HOOQ has cooperated with the biggest telecommunication provider in Indonesia to bundle product and offering to the Telkomsel's customers.

With the slogan "Telkomsel is Indonesia and Indonesia is Telkomsel", therefore Telkomsel has committed to do media analysis and do censorship for the contents which violate with the Indonesia Regulations, such as pornography, violence, etc. Regarding to this, doing media analysis aim to assess the ratings of film in HOOQ and keep the essence of film itself in Indonesia market.

On the other hand, the censorship (cut, blur, b/w) is needed to prevent the bad stimulus of film's content, which can easily persuade the congnitive, affective, and conative of audiences, especially young people and children.

In relation to this, Telkomsel has engaged with Infomedia and Comestoarra to create the indicators of censorship by doing academic research in Media & Culture and Law. After that, Infomedia and Comestoarra has recruited the agents to review the 35000 hours of film and create the report and recommendation for HOOQ Indonesia. It accommodates with the web based application developed between Infomedia and Comestoarra.

See the training session of agents for HOOQ Indonesia powered by comestoarra.
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