Corporate Videography
and Motion Graphic
for Telkomsel

PT Telekomunikasi Selular (brand name : TELKOMSEL) is a mobile network operator which operates in Indonesia. Founded in 1995, it is a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia (TelkomGroup, TLKM). TELKOMSEL operates in Indonesia with 2G, 3G and now deploying its 4G network. Currently, there are more than 308 millions mobile connection which surprisingly surpasses the number of population (255 millions). There were no less than 72 millions internet user, and 74 millions active social media users.

These figures strongly highlight the new waves of social media interaction in Indonesia, aspect that should inherently becomes part of any company to successfully engage customers include TELKOMSEL. With the spirit to “Winning Young Customer and Retaining Existing Customer”, in 2011 TELKOMSEL decided to include social media as part of e-Care, albeit manually. However, since its beginning TELKOMSEL believes this new social media channel needs to be improved: channel that is creative, innovative and responsive; while at the same time maintaining/optimizing operational cost.

This video describes Telkomsel's Social Media Customer Care as part of submission for Best Social Media Customer Care Award at ICMI (International Customer Management Institute). And it was honour to work for Telkomsel as the Videography and Motion Graphic Consultant for making the 5 minutes presentation of Social Media customer Care focused on Twitter and Facebook which have managed by the application named #SOCIOMEDIO originally developed by the sister company of Telkomsel, #INFOMEDIA

Telkomsel ICMI Awards 2016

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