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Information technology can be useful to construct the supply chain activities based on its business process developed. It can be the valuable asset for a company in a way to optimising the inbound logistic, operations, outbound logistic, B2B & B2C marketing strategy, sales, and services. In regards, the value chain activities are important to measure the accuracy the demand and supply, provide the financial performance’s track record, and create the effective and fast respond internal communication. All being calculated based on quality, quantity, cost, and time delivery.

On the other hand, the needs of visual communication has rapidly increased, as many companies must spread out the updated informations both in the traditional and/or digital media in order to sustain its competitive advantage on the market. Additionally, it positively impacts toward the company in order to persuade the market and at the same time is able to change the consumer behavior. Penetrate the market is important to gain the new customers. Nevertheless, retaining the existing customers is a must as they can be the free marketing agent by word of mouthing the company’s products and services.

In conclusion, the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Visual Communication (VC) is very important and need to be started by a company in the highly competitive business environment of today; rapid changes in consumer demands, needs, and preferences; also the fast technology development. IT can make a company easier to create, develop, manage and maintain the corporate Information System aim to enhance the supply and value chain activities. While VC is highly needed as the methodology for a company to penetrate the market moreover engage with the customers by creating continuous interactive, attractive, persuasive, communicative, and innovative digital and/or multimedia marketing with the affordable price.

Our Vision

To be the success Information Technology and Visual communication company in supporting the purpose of clients to sustain its competitive advantage.

Our Mission

To create, develop, and maintain the corporate Information System, which are affordable, user friendly, and useful for the clients in order to enhance the value and supply chain activities.

To support the clients in optimizing the marketing and advertising expenses by creating interactive, attractive, communicative, and innovative digital and/or multimedia marketing and advertising tools with the affordable price.

To deliver the value added services toward clients as the team involved has competency both in business to business and business to customers approaches.

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Information Technology

Web Design and Development (Front End & Back End), Mobile Application, Corporate Information System (Customize), Tracking management System, HR Management System, Supply Chain Management System (buyer-supplier-end user).

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Visual Communication

Search Engine Optimasion in Website Content (Photography & Videography), Social Media Handling, Digital Teaser, Digital Annual Report, Digital Company Profile, Digital Promotion, Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing Communication, Digital Corporate Communication.

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Distributed Energy Resources

Community Based Waste to Energy, A Startup Company in Supply-Value Chain Management for Distributed Energy Resources.

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  • They made a very nice work, i love the design and they give a excellent AAA Great customer support

    erickcorral, Envato Marketplace —
  • I love the code and the design on this website template, and highly recommended people to buy from these guys. THANK YOU so much

    sainthua, Envato Marketplace —
  • I found the features to be as described by the supplier. Quite frankly, the features are better than I expected. Simple to understand how to get started using the system. Additionally, the developer of the system helped install the files on my website for me. Easy !

    donphilyaw, Envato Marketplace —
  • Awesome script ! Very useful to manage work orders. Also customer support is very good.

    justcreativedesignz, Envato Marketplace —

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